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Since 2015, Kara Megherian, the Manual Mechanic, has worked as a Certified Athletic Trainer that has been servicing thousands of clients, from weekend warriors to high level collegiate athletes, throughout the New York Area.

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"Kara is the best! I was having a bad lower back problem for a while & she immediately knew what was needed with all the recovery sessions & advice she gave me regarding stretches to do & how my form should be when working out. It made a drastic change to how I perform when I execute my workouts now & ever since I went to her I haven't had back problems as strong as I used to & now I'm performing with back free pain all thanks to KARA! She is the real deal & I highly recommend her to anyone!"

Jeremy P

"Kara is the sweetest person to work with. When I first met her I told her about my journey on Islamic cupping & how it had worked on me. I told Kara where my pains were & she knew exactly what to do & what may cause my muscles to act the way they do. Her cupping therapy has helped me so much that I am able to sleep properly & my numbness has gotten a lot better. My headaches have cut down & she is always fun to be around. I highly recommend her! Thank you Kara for dealing with my messed up body."

Sommra R

"Kara is an outstanding recovery therapist. She has helmed me with AC joint tendinitis, nerve pain behind my beck, etc. Her methods are very intuitive as well. She teaches you along with treating you. Being a full time athlete, I need to be in top shape & she helps me with what I need to work on so I stay injury free. She's the best around!"

Tom D.

"Kara's greatest asset is in understand how each part of the body feels & works together -- she knows why an imbalance in your pelvis is hurting your foot & your back. The method she uses train your brain to rework your body. Aside from her skills & knowledge, she's also a pleasure to be around! She's funny, sweet & makes treatment time fly by. Personally, I went from being barely able to sit or walk to being back to running in a matter of weeks. I can't recommend Kara highly enough!"

Anna V

"I started going to Kara after I had injured myself while training for the NYC Marathon. Being an athlete my whole life, I was fortunate enough to not suffer any major injuries so I didn't really know where to begin. I reached out to Kara & I couldn't be more appreciative of the help I received. Not only did Kara help treat me physically, her mental knowledge gave me the information I needed to continue training without injuring myself in the future. I highly recommend reaching out & setting up an appointment to meet with Kara if you are experiencing any type of pain; major or minor. Something that has attracted me to continue seeking treatment from Kara is her ability to express the science behind our biological makeup to a person, like me, who knows nothing about it! She definitely won't disappoint."

Kayla M.

I started receiving treatment from Kara when I was dealing with a serious injury - labral tear in my shoulder & chronic elbow tendinitis. I had been working with practitioners but wasn't getting any relief from the injury. I was super discouraged & Kara was recommended to me, so I decided to try her treatment method! The first session was unlike any treatment I had been currently doing for my injury & results started to happen right away. In only a few weeks she was able to alleviate my severe tendinitis so I could go into my laboral-repair surgery without the elbow pain. What she was able to accomplish in a few weeks, other practitioners couldn't in months! Her methods are different & they work. After my shoulder surgery I started receiving treatment again & she helped me regain full range of motion in my shoulder. I am still receiving treatment to continue improving my shoulder post-surgery as well as preventing other injuries from occurring. Since my initial treatment I have gone from being in constant/chronic pain to now I am weightlifting, boxing & have also started wrestling (all pain free!). I would recommend Kara for anyone dealing with any type of injury! Especially if you are discouraged & feel like other rehab methods have failed you! Trust me, Kara can help! I would also recommend Kara for any athlete or generally active person because she can help address small issues you didn't even know you had & keep you injury free going forward!"

Natalie M.

About Us

Kara is a Certified Athletic Trainer who has experience working with athletes of all levels including Division I and II collegiate athletes, weekend warriors and middle school-high school level athletes. She holds certifications in various manual therapy techniques along with extensive assessment tools. The Manual Mechanic has a modern approach to treating pain and injury combining a hands-on movement assessment, soft tissue work, corrective exercise and education to help restore pain-free movement and nervous system function. Kara’s background in athletic training and manual therapy certifications developed her philosophy that if you move better, you feel better and you perform better. Founder and owner of Manual Mechanic LLC, Kara started her business with the intent to listen to her clients and their concerns, help people maximize their performance and optimize movement, so they can feel their best, unlock their highest potential, and live their life with no physical limitations.

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We offer several services to help our clients deal with pain management, as well as treat any injuries that they have experienced. We offer everywhere from manual therapy to corrective exercise prescription to help our clients when they aren't in our presence. This picture to the right is a before & after on a client suffering an ankle injury. After a day of treatment we were able to reduce the swelling significantely.

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INITIAL ASSESSMENT: The first full evaluation-required for new clients. It includes 1-on-1 in person comprehensive session that helps me understand your current issues, create reachable goals & make a customized plan of action for your treatment,

SINGLE SESSION: After an initial assessment you can receive full treatment including manual therapy, corrective exercise & overall movement.

6 OR 10 SESSION PACKAGE: You have an injury that upon your initial assessment we agree that it will take 6 or 10 treatment sessions to make you better. With 6 session package, you pay for 5 session & receive 1 session free & for the 10 session package, you pay for 9 sessions & receive 1 session for free.

RECOVERY SESSION: You do not have an injury but understand the importance of recovery

RECOVERY MEMBERSHIP: You want a consistent weekly recovery session, This includes a recovery session once per week for 4 weeks before reneval

NOTE: Each session lasts 60 minutes in duration.

This rock tape job was done on Randy Brown @touchngo_, UFC Welterweight

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